Military Scholarship Essay

Kenneth Scott

As we grow older, we forget our parents and grandparents are growing older as well. They have lived their whole lives trying to provide for us by giving us the best life they could afford, so the least we could do is provide for them also. As much as I would love to be able to provide for all my family members in order to give back to them everything they deserve, I cannot as of now. I am glad God has blessed me this long to live with my grandfather, a.k.a Granddad. He is the strongest and most inspiring person I know. I could not and would not just allow him to go to any kind of nursing home because he deserves the best. There are many must-haves and accommodations the nursing home must have before I allow my Granddad to stay there.

First, the nursing home must reach an A+ level of cleanliness in all rooms, bathrooms, etc. in order to live up to the code because like the old saying says “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. In order for the nursing home to be clean, they have to have many employees in order to keep the place clean for not only the ones staying there but for the ones working there also. Next, there has to be rules in order for the place to run smoothly. It is going to be hard because older people do not like following instructions or being told what to do but rules have to be set in place and enforced. Thirdly, there must be three daily meals including a balanced breakfast, good and study lunch, and a good evening dinner. There can be one or two snacks, but the workers must be very cautious with the ones that have illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Another thing must be that they do not let the ones living there just sit around all the time.

The nursing home should not be just a place for them to rest their head, so there must be exercises, games, etc. for them to do in order for them to keep their energy and spirits up. If I know anyone that is not going to stand still and do nothing, that is my Granddad. Even at his age, he still helps around the yard of his house and still works in the field with his sons; my dad and uncle. He teaches me every day that old age does not stop any work, but the word work itself. If I could be half the man he is, I would be a better man. Another thing is that the nursing home must have good relationships between the staff and the nursing home residents. Since the residents are going to be residing there for a while, they should get along with the employees and vice versa. There are too many stories of how residents are being treated unfairly by the staff, and I refuse for my Granddad to stay at nursing home where that happens. The residents should be able to know the staff members’ name and whoever is over them in order to report in case something happens. 

A place cannot run without a strict schedule to follow, so there should be rules set aside of what time to wake up, eat, and bathing, but it is going to be hard to put them on schedules because they have lived so long on their own and not being told what to do and when to do it. I wonder if any of the residents have doctor appointments, will there be transportation provided or will they have to call their family members in order to take them? I hope that there will be transportation provided.

Another thing is will they be able to control the temperature themselves in their room due to some patients being cold-natured or hot-natured? I think they should because some patients are cold-natured and some are hot-natured. I also would hope that there is a telephone and a television in each residents’ rooms because the residents do want to have some fun instead of being bored in their room their whole time and they should be able to call their family members from time to time. The staff there must have positive attitudes whenever they are working because it will help lift up their spirits and the moods of the residents. It is easy for a resident’s mood to get done especially if they continue do the same thing over and over again without any change in their daily routine. Another thing is that I hope they do routine checkups on the resident during the day and night. Some residents might be shy and not warm up to others quickly as the other ones do, so they might need a little push to keep their spirits high. I also hope that the residents are able to have their own rooms because most of the patients there have lived by themselves for years and if not by themselves; they have lived with their spouse and it might be difficult for them to get used to living with someone else. There should also be therapy allowed for residents and their families free of charge, because some family members are unable to pay for it but desperately need it. 

Lastly, but most importantly that the nursing home must have a no discrimination policy. The nursing home must allow all residents regardless of race, gender, sexuality or sexual orientation, or disability. There should be no bias towards any residents nor employees. Also, all employees MUST pass a drug test before they get hired and constant drug tests should be given through the work experience. The drug tests can or can not be announced, but most of them should be announced so it will not seem as the nursing home is out to get its employees. 

While no family members want to put any of their family members in a nursing home, some have to for different reasons, such as no one able to care for the family member. Thankfully, there are nursing homes that are able to take the heavy burden off of family members and carry some of the weight in order to take care of the family member. A family member can do all they can for their family but sometimes they may need extra help but are unable to get it from another family member, such as an only child caring for their parents by themselves. There are many must-haves and accommodations a nursing home must have in order for me to put my Granddad in, but those are just a few that could be listed.

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